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How to make a good decision

How to make a good decision

Decision making

Decision making is the process of selecting one among many choices which is carried out consciously or subconsciously. Decision making is an inevitable and integral process in every part of life. Right from choosing which dress to wear to which person to make as life partner, everything revolves round this decision making process. Its very important to take right decisions at the right time because procrastination can ruin life.  Decision making and problem solving are conjoined life skills that helps to choose the best between the possible solutions. Decisions are usually made through intuition or reasoned process or a hybrid of two. Some people are afraid of making wrong decisions and they decide to make no decisions which in turn becomes a decision. Here’s were psychotherapy helps people to step out from such situations.

There are process and techniques to improve decision making skills in people who lack the ability to make fine decisions. These techniques fall under two categories 1) Group decision making technique:

This technique involves a group of people who interact and discuss solutions to the stated problem. With each person coming up with a new idea to solve the problem, lot of possibilities are kept in front of the group. By analyzing the positives and negatives of each solution, individuals choose the optimum solution among the many alternatives. This technique helps them to sharpen their skills required to make a fine decision.

There are techniques in group decision making to improve the efficiency of the decision. They are as follows,
•    Nominal group Technique
•    Delphi Technique
•    Brainstorming
•    Dialectic decisions method

2) Individual decision making technique:
In group decision making technique, a person comes to know about many alternative solutions which were conveyed by others and few individuals fail to think more in detail about the problem. This disadvantage in group decision making is overcome by individual decision making. In this technique the therapist helps the individuals to figure out all the possibilities in their own. Once the alternatives are in hand, the therapist would further help the individuals to analyze its advantages and disadvantages thereby helping them to make quality decisions. 

In general, decision making process involves the following steps,
•    Defining the problem to be addressed
•    Brainstorming to identify the list of possible solutions
•    Analyzing the positives and negatives of each option available
•    Ranking them based on the analyzes 
•    Making the right decision that is required to solve the problem. 
Its not just the inability to make fine decisions but also the time and emotions that affects decisions. Handling situations with confidence and in a positive outlook will help individuals to make quality decisions. 

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